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Track more, sleep better

The first Cydia™ tweak linked to Apple™ Health App.

On thebigboss repo at 1.99$

Do you have Health App on your device? Maybe you noticed that you have a sleep section, but you don't know how to add sleep data automatically yet.. It could be harmful for you and your phone leaving the device switched on all night long with certain apps running.. Use WakeTrace! WakeTrace is a tweak that, every time you are about to turn off your phone (or you are enabling Airplane mode, or better, you call an Activator action), asks you if it can record that precise moment. This is the idea: calling WakeTrace's function whenever you're going to sleep. Couldn't be easier! WakeTrace will ask you when you unlock the device if you want to store the start and the end of the sleep time directly in the Health app! Track your sleep and make your Health information complete.
Let WakeTrace take care of your health. It's worth it.

How use WakeTrace

It's just simple.

1. Open WakeTrace app and grant access to Health App
2. Before going to sleep call WakeTrace with your preferred method: when shutting down your phone, enabling airplane mode or using Activator
3. As soon as you wake up, (power on your phone and) unlock it (with or w/o passcode)
4. Tap "Add Data" on WakeTrace alert, this will launch WakeTrace app that will automatically add your sleep data to Health App

If you want to use Activator, just go to WakeTrace settings, choose 'Activator Methods' and set your desired trigger. Then you'll have only to call WakeTrace by your desired trigger and unlock the device to record data on Health app (note that you can also shutdown your device)

Clean data?

If you asked WakeTrace to track your sleep but you didn't really go to sleep, go in WakeTrace's settings and tap "Clean Cache", the device will respring without asking you to add data anymore.


WakeTrace in action.

WakeTrace in Health App Sources

Example of recorded data with WakeTrace

Example of an Health App chart


and device requirements

• Start to use the sleep section of Health App! It's bundled in in your device
• No configuration. Just start to use the tweak
• Extremely simple to use
• Support by mail
• Any feedback or suggestion is important, just request a feature!
• Start sleep anywhere with Activator! (from version 1.5.0)
• Interesting new feautures to come.. !

WakeTrace requires :
• Surely Health App!
• iOS8 or greater (currently tested on iOS8 - iOS8.1 [not iOS8.1.x or greater])
• Jailbreak and Cydia installed
• Activator, even if you don't use is (I am trying to fix this)

Also WakeTrace is guaranteed to work with this other packages (and its dependencies) running on device:

Cydia Tweak Daemon/Substrate dylib Version Compatibility
Apple File Conduit "2" com.saurik.afc2d 1.2 OK!
AppSync Unified net.angelxwind.appsyncunified 5.3-1 OK!
CrashReporter crash-reporter 1.8.3-1 OK!
LocalIAPStore anondev.localiapstore 1.4-1 OK!
Remote Messages (iOS8) com.beastsoft.remotemessages 3.1.1 OK!
RocketBootstrap com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrapd 1.0.2 OK!
F.lux org.herf.flux 0.998 OK!
OpenSSH com.openssh.sshd 6.7p1-12 OK!
Activator libactivator >= 1.9.2˜beta1 OK!
Flipswitch com.a3tweaks.flipswitch >= 1.0.6˜beta2 OK!
BatteryLife com.rbt.batterylife 1.6.0 OK!
Protean org.thebigboss.protean 2.0-62 OK!
BatteryStatusBar org.thebigboss.batterystatusbar 1.5.1 OK!
libobjcipc cc.tweak.libobjcipc 1.0.1 OK!
AboutMore com.0xbbc.aboutmore 1.1 OK!
CroppingScreen com.b3ub3u.croppingscreen 1.0-4 OK!
WiCarrier com.booleanmagic.wicarrier 1.1.4 OK!
Bytafont 2 com.bytafont.bytafont2 2.3.3 OK!
IconBundles com.codethemed.iconbundles 0.2-1 OK!
HideMe8 com.cpdigitaldarkroom.hideme8 1.0.2-6 OK!
LockPages com.dba-tech.lockpages 1.5.0-1+debug OK!
Safe Alarm com.douglassrs.safealarm 1.3.4-1 OK!
Power Tap com.dpkgdan.powertap 1.1.1-24 OK!
New Movie Box com.dta.newmoviebox 3.2.1 OK!
AirBlue Sharing com.ericday.blued-ng 1.2.1 OK!
AirBlue Sharing com.ericday.blued-obex 1.8.0 OK!
iCleaner Pro com.exile90.icleanerpro 7.3.2 OK!
Flex 2 com.fuyuchi.flex2 1.950 OK!
groovyAPI com.groovycarrot.groovyapi 1.0.4 OK!
NoTouchCancelReply com.gsquared.notouchcancelreply 1.0-17 OK!
KillBackground8 com.ichitaso.killbackground8 1.0-3 OK!
Swipe Selection Pro com.iky1e.swipeselection-pr 0.9.6-1 OK!
Automa org.thebigboss.automa 1.0.3-1 OK!
FrontFlash org.thebigboss.frontflash 1.4-4 OK!
MyBatteryAlerts org.thebigboss.mybatteryalerts 1.0-3 OK!
NCFold org.thebigboss.ncfold 1.0-9 OK!


See how WakeTrace grew.

January 9-11, 2015
- Removed social links in settings
- Fixed an issue with airplane mode (WakeTrace didn't request to add data without a respring)
- Added Activator dependency
January 1, 2015
- Increased stability
- Added Activator listener
- Fixed a bug with "Clear cache" option in settings
- Fixed a bug with Airplane mode trigger which displayed the WakeTrace alert without recognizing if Airplane mode was enabled or not
December 20, 2014
- Added header image in settings
- Added Airplane trigger
- Added Airplane mode and Shutdown mode switches in settings
December 14, 2014
- Replaced 'Email me' button in settings with 'Support/Feedback' button
December 13, 2014
- Moved sleep tracking request before shutting down the device, this allows many users that doesn't turn off the phone to track their sleep
- Added changelog page
- Changed 'License' link to 'Info'
- Added 'Thanks' and 'Support' section in 'Info'
- Added '@waketrace' twitter button
December 11, 2014
- First public release
December 2014
- First concept developing


about WakeTrace from..


minutes 4:12


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Rating ★★★★/5


How report issues

Tap the button "Support/Feedback" in WakeTrace settings to receive the developer's support

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